Machu Picchu 2017


This trip is a lesser-traveled route in Peru to the lost city Machu Picchu. The trail traverses the high Andean plateau, crossing passes as high as 4,750m - 15,585ft for an up-close view of the sacred Inca peak, Salkantay (6,280m - 20,598ft). The route then descends into the beautiful Aobamba valley with its tropical climate and vegetation.

All along the way, there are native Andean villages that time seems to have passed by. After a marvelous train ride, arrive at the spectacular citadel of Machu Picchu for a never to be forgotten guided-tour of this architectural marvel. Hidden under the dense foliage of a highland jungle, forgotten by the Incas themselves, Machu Picchu escaped the conquistadors and eluded treasure hunters until Hiram Bingham brought the “Lost City of the Incas" to the world's attention in 1911. The intricate stonework of these enigmatic ruins is one of the finest examples of Inca masonry.

It will be truly SPECTACULAR! 

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Event Overview

When: September 10-18, 2017

Location: Cusco, Peru

Climber Participant:

 Minimum fundraising: $10,000

Total cost: $2,230 (does not include airfare or insurance)

Prayer Team Participant:

Minimum fundraising: $10,000

Total cost: $2,030 (does not include airfare or insurance)

-Fees are not transferable or refundable. Fees from a cancelled participation will be treated as a donation to Freedom Challenge

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Emergency Contact Info While in Route or In Peru:



Please see email from Nicole Turner for you individual Shuttle info at




Mobile+51 958 522 108

SAT PHONE: 00881632554623 (NB limited service)



+27 83 574 3784



+1 310 936 8617

Trip Itinerary: 

Day 1 - Arrive at Cusco airport. Shuttle will leave around 2pm-3pm.

Welcome dinner & orientation.

Day 2 - Sacred Valley, Maras, & Moray acclimatization hike. 

Day 3 - Begin Salkantay Trail. Hike and overnight Soray Camp.

Day 4 - Salkantay Trail. Hike and overnight Huayracmachay Camp.

Day 5 - Salkantay Trail. Hike and overnight Collpapampa Camp.

Day 6 - Salkantay Trail. Hike and overnight Lucmabamba Camp.

Day 7 - End Salkantay Trail. Hike to Train. Ride into Aguas Calientes. Overnight Casa Andina Machu Picchu.

Day 8 - Machu Picchu tour (options to hike). Overnight Hotel Jose Antonio Cusco.

Day 9 - Transfer to Cusco airport for departures. May leave any time that morning.

Important Event Deadlines:

  1. payment is Past Due for climb expenses as of June 1, 2017                               

  2. Fundraising Goal was to be met by July 20, 2017

  3. Insurance, Med Exam Forms & Flights were due to, by July 30, 2017


We hope you will join us!

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