Your gift of $150 to the Freedom Challenge helps set a woman on the pathway to freedom.


Freedom Challenge accomplishes this through 4 freedom paths:

Prevent, Rescue, Restore, & Develop.


Where We Work


What We Do



The most powerful way to impact an at-risk community is to prevent oppression and slavery from starting.  To do so, the climate that creates vulnerability must change.  Poverty and hopelessness must be kept at bay through new, culturally-relevant opportunities.  Education for children, skills training for adults, and a basic support system for women all help break cultural cycles of oppression.  Some parents have unknowingly sold their own children into slavery, tricked into believing the kids were going to be cared for, only to learn too late that they were horribly used. So reaching these families early is the priority, and the most effective point of intervention.  


RESCUE & Restore

Women and children who have already experienced unimaginable atrocities are usually broken, crushed, and without hope. They need to be brought out of trafficking and slavery, and into a safe place for long-term restoration. They require extensive care including physical healing, trauma counseling, and life skills training.  The amount of personal, one-on-one involvement required with these ladies is much greater, as are the resources needed. Of course it is preferable to reach at-risk communities before lives like theirs are devastated, but in that devastation, God is ready "to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair (Isaiah 61:3).



Development projects provide long-term sustainable solutions to the cycle of poverty and oppression of women. Mentoring or coaching is often required so the women can discover their natural gifts and resources. Skills training allows them to provide for themselves and their families, making them less vulnerable.

Microenterprise provides women with the investment and tools necessary to start a small business. They learn to help themselves, and often, as their lives are transformed, they begin to understand God loves them. They are able to see themselves as one created in God’s image, a woman of value and worth.