Over 250 people took part in our recent Freedom Steps event raising nearly $10,000 - we are so excited at how many lives this will change. Two participants, Nellie and Paige, share their reasons for taking part

"I have a passion for fighting Human Trafficking. About four years ago, my dad was fighting cancer and I was taking care of him. As I watched TV at the foot of his bed, I came across a symposium on Human Trafficking. I don’t remember exactly what was said, but I do remember the feelings that welled up inside of me. My heart was bursting. I wept. I knew that very moment that fighting Human Trafficking was a mission God had for me.

Seeing with my own eyes

In 2016 I visited Cambodia. I saw with my own eyes how women and children were being sold. I can’t begin to describe the feelings I had as I witnessed this atrocity. I felt so powerless. I couldn’t do anything to stop what was going on. I remember going to bed that night demanding that God show me what He was doing to end this.

The very next day, I was taken to several organizations dedicated to fighting human trafficking. Despite my attitude towards Him the night before, merciful God showed me what He is doing. He is using His people to rescue and restore in Cambodia. He gave me hope.

Walking in the name of freedom

I heard about Freedom Steps and was so excited that I could participate in Pompano Beach, Florida! I didn’t know what to expect, but I was excited to walk a 5K in the name of Freedom. It was suggested that we raise $150 as a part of the Freedom Steps Challenge. This amount is important because $150 can set one woman or child on the path to freedom.

On the day of the event, I woke up and walked over to the beach. As the sun came up and people were arriving, I had the pleasure of meeting a few lovely ladies. It was such a beautiful morning!

I’d walked that beach many times before, but that day was special. Women in South Florida were coming together for a cause we were so passionate about.

We walked in solidarity with each other and with all women around the world who don’t have freedom. We came together. We prayed. We got to know each other. We encouraged each other. We ourselves were encouraged. Now we go on fighting this evil with a few more friends than we had before that morning. God will keep using His people. He will keep using us. He is faithful and merciful."

Nellie Alfonso

"The Freedom Steps event on Pompano Beach in South Florida was an incredible event. The Freedom Challenge Team never ceases to amaze me with their passion and tenacity to end modern-day slavery.

We walked the 5k on February 25th to raise awareness and funds to free women and children all over the world from slavery. While I’m only 22 years old, I’ve learned that there is always something that I can do to help end this injustice.

Walking the 5k was a simple gift of money, time, and energy to this incredible movement of women called Freedom Challenge, who will stop at nothing to end modern day slavery.

Paige Rajala