Grace's story is an example of how your support is providing holistic care for vulnerable women - and the amazing impact this is having on their lives

“Bad things would happen and it made me believe that there was no God, or if there was, He would not care about me,” says Grace, a young mother of two boys, explaining how she used to think before she joined Tabitha Skills Development, a project support by The Freedom Challenge in Zambia.

The project disciples, empowers and equips vulnerable and marginalized women.

Grace says that she used to live an ungodly life that involved a lot of drinking.  But then she became a Christian and her life began to change.  

True transformation

One Sunday morning, Grace and her husband Joseph were visiting a local church. The leader from Tabitha was speaking, inviting women interested in a tailoring course to submit their names.  Joseph urged Grace to apply. When she was accepted into the Tabitha program the true transformation started.

Grace began learning more about God through the mentoring and Bible studies that are a vital part of the Tabitha programme.  

Receiving guidance

“It was important for me to grow spiritually before I was able to expand in practical ways,” Grace says. In addition to specialized skills training, all women have a chance to receive guidance in life skills such as cooking, health, HIV/Aids, gardening, basic business and literacy.

As Grace learned beading, tailoring and business skills, hopes of self-sustainability were ignited.  

Grace’s son Peter had dropped out of school because they could not pay his tuition fees. But now Grace was able to use her new skills to earn enough money to send an eager and excited Peter back to school.  

Declaring freedom

Not only has Grace been given skills that enable her to provide for her family, she is now leading Bible studies and teaching and mentoring many other women, declaring to them that change and freedom are possible!

$150 sets one woman or child on the path to freedom