One of our project workers in Nepal explains how two destitute women's lives were transformed as they learned new skills and found a new passion and purpose

“Namaste”, I say with a smile as I greet the cheerful women who work daily at our farm in Nepal planting, harvesting and packaging organic produce.  Many Women in Kathmandu struggle to find safe and reliable work where they are not exploited. 

Raising families alone

They have many responsibilities at home, often raising families alone with their husband being absent, drunk, or just irresponsible.  Many are poorly educated, illiterate, and left alone to raise and educate their children.

Our farm employs four local village women full time and dozens of others. 

On the verge of death

A few years ago, two young street women were found on the verge of death in the gutters of Kathmandu.  Maya and Shristi* were rescued by a local church.  Their they remained until they started an internship on our farm, a hands-on course in sustainable organic agriculture. 

At first, these women were very shy, but over time began to gain confidence.  “We are so happy, we didn’t think we were learning anything, but then we began to teach and we saw that we have learned so much!” they excitedly reported after training a group of local farmers. 

Their confidence flourished

From that time on, these two women grew and became more outgoing, took initiative, and led training. Their confidence in themselves flourished. After graduation one of the women said, "We thank God for what he has taught us through this farming training.”

Many more women have found fellowship, acceptance, and a fair wage doing work they love on our farm.  They are treated with respect and dignity, and as a result they love to plant fields, tend crops and then joyfully harvest the fruits of their labor. 

Thanks again for your partnership in transforming lives!