The outlook for young girls and women in Bangladesh is not bright. But for some vulnerable children that’s all beginning to change. Thanks to your support we are able to give vulnerable children the opportunity to stay in school

Nita’s father dreamed of educating all his children but he worked long days as a weaver and barely earned enough money to feed his family.

This meant that his children had to drop out of school after only a few years and start working. But Nita was determined to finish her studies.

“I worked alongside my father while studying,” she explains “and through our combined hard work I graduated. Sadly, my father died before that.”

On finishing school, Nita wondered what she could do to make a difference in her community.

“I longed to help our struggling weavers’ community; so many children didn’t attend school,” she says.

As Nita was looking for work, she heard about a Freedom Challenge project that helps children stay in school for longer, and provides education where no schools currently exist. The project trains and supervises teachers, children are educated in single class primary schools to help them catch up and their parents also have literacy lessons.

I told them of my dream to help my community and they hired me,” explains Nita happily. “I am grateful that I can earn some money to help my own family and see my dream fulfilled.” 

Facts about Bangladesh:

·         Population of 152 million

·         Around 47 million people live in poverty

·         13% of children are forced to work as child laborers

·         The country is prone to natural disasters such as cyclones and earthquakes

·         Only 53% of girls attend high school

Your support makes a huge difference to the lives of the children and women that Nita works with. Thank you!