Luana arrived at House of Joy completely broken. Her story is one of neglect, abuse and trauma. Her four children barely smiled when they first came to live at our residential aftercare program for survivors of abuse; they had never experienced any real stability in their short lives.

After a childhood marred by neglect, Luana married young and fled from her home in Eastern Europe to the West. Her new husband was abusive. Scared, Luana made the painful decision to return to her parent’s home.

Life gets even harder

Once there, her father forced her to marry another man. Over time, her life became even harder – Luana had four children and little support, her husband had mental health problems and he, too, began to abuse Luana. She felt that her problems would never end.

Fearing for her life and for her children, she moved into an emergency shelter. There, she found out about House of Joy and agreed to move in and commit to the long-term program of healing and restoration. 

Messy and difficult

House of Joy offers counselling, encouragement, community and education – but it’s hard for someone who has experienced abuse to accept love and to get on well with other community members. It was messy and difficult. Her children, full of anxiety, would lash out at each other or the other children living in the home.

But, as the months go by, Luana is becoming calmer. She can concentrate on her literacy lessons for longer and is slowly beginning to feel more positive about her future.

Worth the journey

It is a long road – the workers at House of Joy are committed to walking with Luana through the process of inner healing from years of abuse. They know it will be worth it when they see more smiles on Luana’s and her children’s faces.

House of Joy is only able to provide such beautiful, loving care to women who’ve experienced abuse because of YOUR support.

We would love to help many more women like Luana by opening more House of Joys in other countries where there is so much need.

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