In early September a team led by Tina Yeager visited our projects in Greece. Here, Tina shares what impacted her most about the trip and invites you to sign up for one of our life-chaning mission trips

As the leader of the Freedom Challenge, I have the blessing of working with hundreds of women around the world each year to raise funds and awareness for over 60 OM projects addressing the atrocities of modern-day slavery and oppression. I love doing that and seeing the impact God makes in their lives as well as in the lives of those we are helping around the world.

Refugee camps

Last week our team had the privilege of visiting our Freedom Challenge projects in Greece. We served alongside our team in the refugee camps, in the trafficking ministries and did prayer walks through the brothels of Athens.

It was one of my greatest and most-heart wrenching trips ever. To sit with the refugees, hear their stories and see their smiles because we washed their clothes, provided a snack and taught them English was beyond description. 

I met a young lady from Romania who had been trafficked by her friend and forced to sell herself for years in the brothels of Athens. She is now free, living in the rescue home we fund and is being mentored to help lead the ministry. I am so excited to help these precious women have hope and a future.

Hopes and dreams

It was such a blessing to see how the fundraising we do helps provide ministries that are so impacting and it was great to get to know the team and those we serve personally.  I loved learning about their lives, dreams and hear the hopes they have.  Thank you to all of you that are making this possible.

This was our first of many Freedom Challenge mission trips.  We want all of you to have the opportunity to see and serve in our projects. Men are welcome to join us for most of the mission trips. The Lord was so faithful to do a work in each of us during this trip as well.

A team testimony

This is what Brenda Gaskin said about her experience of being part of the team:

“This trip to Greece was challenging for me on several levels. I was able to better understand the refugee crisis and the depth of human suffering. I came away encouraged that people were being helped emotionally, physically and spiritually through the volunteers from OM
Working in the relief center was very gratifying and seeing the openness of the people coming for services was humbling. This was an opportunity to show practical love in action and I observed great acts of generosity, hospitality, self-sacrifice and service as people experienced God’s love through the volunteers there as well as in the projects of Nea Zoi (New Life) and Damaris House.
The time interacting with members of our team was also valuable.  We were able to connect and have some very meaningful fellowship.  I always appreciate making ‘global friendships’ "!

Will you join us for one of our mission trips? You too will be changed forever.

Our next trip is to Moldova in November - you can sign up here.

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