Providing skills training to vulnerable women can really turn their lives around. This is the story of how one young woman's life was transformed thanks to one of our training courses

After finishing Junior High School, Gifty wanted nothing more than to follow her dreams and train to be a hairdresser. But Gifty’s family had no means to pay for the training course.

When David, a man from her village, befriended Gifty, she thought her life was beginning to change. He said that if she went to Accra, Ghana’s capital city, with him he would pay for her hairdressing course. Gifty was delighted. Full of hope, she followed him to Accra.

Shocking discovery

There, Gifty waited, wondering when she would start the course. As the weeks turned into months, there was still no sign of the man fulfilling his promise. And then, Gifty discovered she was pregnant. Feeling betrayed and disappointed, she fled to her parent’s house.

Once the baby arrived, David came to Gifty’s parent’s home, asking for her forgiveness. Worried about her future, and how she would provide for the baby, Gifty returned to Accra with him.

Life gets harder

Sadly, once back in the big city, life became even harder for Gifty. David grew angry when she asked him if she could start the hairdressing course. He began to beat her. He drank heavily and became angry and resentful towards Gifty and the baby. Gifty felt hopeless. She had no idea where to turn.

Then, one day, a friend told her about a Freedom Challenge-supported training course in her village for women just like her. Immediately Gifty knew that this was exactly what she needed; she felt that God had answered her prayers. She left Accra and returned home.

A bright future

Two years on, Gifty has completed a diploma in hairdressing. She has been able to let go of her past and she is looking forward to a bright future with her daughter.

The skills that Gifty has learnt through the course will enable her to support herself, to provide for her baby, and to have confidence that she can survive and prosper in life. And, what’s more, Gifty is doing something that she always dreamed of doing. What a wonderful opportunity for her!

But there are many more women we’d love to help, women trapped in violent relationships, who need to know there is hope for a much brighter future. Just like Gifty is experiencing now.

Please help support more training courses for vulnerable women. You can make a difference today!