We asked Dr Juli Slattery, President of Authentic Intimacy, why she decided to join our Freedom Challenge climb in Wyoming

It was 2008 and I was interviewing US Congresswoman Linda Smith for the Focus on the Family Radio broadcast. Congresswoman Smith shared about the human trafficking that I knew existed around the world, but her passion was exposing the connections to the US sex trade. what she shared shocked me; 

“In every US city, there are girls and women trafficked for prostitution and pornography.”

Hers was a lone voice in 2008, particularly in the hollowed halls of Washington. No one wanted to admit or even investigate the truth of this widespread evil. 

Thanks to the tenacity of warriors like Linda Smith, the scope of human trafficking in the US and abroad has become common knowledge. Now we face a different danger. Common knowledge leads to apathy. What can I do for the millions around the world in oppression or for the millions here in the US suffering from the trauma of sexual exploitation? It’s a problem too big for me to make a difference. 

My fears 

My greatest fear as I prepare for the ministry and climb in Wyoming  is that I will climb in vain. It’s a wonderful thing to raise money for the projects helping those in oppression, but the real battle isn’t about money. It is a spiritual war being waged on every corner of the globe. We have a true enemy, the source of evil, who works to keep women in bondage. Ironically, we can be just as enslaved to our “do good” efforts in the Freedom Challenge as are our sisters across the world. Some chains are simply more comfortable than others. 

my reason to climb

I’m climbing the mountains for one purpose… to fight the spiritual battle waged against women in the slums and in the suburbs. Those of us who look “put together” on the outside may be just as desperate for freedom as the women we climb for. Jesus was not just concerned about the prostitute and the homeless, he also spoke truth to those who thought they were too healthy to need a physician. 

He is the Way, He is the Truth, He is he Life. He is Freedom. If we fail to seek Him and exalt Him, all of the sweat and tears and asking and training will have been in vain. Only He is able to set the captives free. 

Watch out for Juli's blog 'Part II' coming in a couple of weeks to report back on her experiences in wyoming and what comes next...

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About the author: Dr Juli Slattery is President and Co-Founder of Authentic Intimacy; a ministry passionate about reclaiming God's design for intimacy and sexuality.