Since 2012 your support has meant that we’ve been able to give nearly $2.7 million to international projects that protect, rescue, restore and develop vulnerable women and children.

But we want to do even more. This Easter we are asking you to consider helping us set 100 more women and children on the path to freedom.  

Your gifts really do make an enormous difference to people’s lives.

One project that your gifts have helped to fund is Hope House, a home for vulnerable girls in Zambia. Here, we tell you about five girls whose lives have been turned around thanks to Hope House and to YOU!

Irene – was just 15 when she was abused by her stepfather and became pregnant. Her mother beat her when she found out. Cecelia, the girls’ caregiver at Hope House, took Irene under her wings and is mentoring her as she learns to adjust to being a mom to her baby girl, Princess.

Safi – her family tried to force her into marriage at a young age. When Safi refused because she wanted to continue her education, her family threw her out. Thankfully she was able to move into Hope House and she is now experiencing healing and freedom from her difficult upbringing.

Bridget – her family live in a very remote village in Zambia but they desperately want Bridget to have a good education. She was sent to live with friends and relatives in a big city. Sadly, her caregivers were not always reliable and living away from home meant that she was vulnerable to abuse. So Hope House took her in and she is thriving in an affirming environment and able to attend a good local school.

Grace –  when both her parents died she went to live with her uncle. But when she was 14, her uncle said he wanted to marry her and he tried to force himself on her. When Grace fought back, he beat her badly. Cecilia learnt of Grace’s situation and arranged for her to move to Hope House.

Bwalya – when her mother left Bwalya, just a child herself, was forced to care for her younger siblings. She was just nine years old and very vulnerable. Her responsibilities meant that she could no longer attend school. Cecilia arranged for Bwalya to move to Hope House. Now, she is experiencing what being a child is meant to be like and she is enjoying school again!

These girls’ lives show how your support brings transformation and provides young girls with a hope and a future.

But there are so many more girls like Irene, Grace, Safi, Bridget and Bwalya, that are still in desperate need.

Just think how different their lives could be if we had the resources and the staff to help many more of them.  

$150 sets one woman on a path to freedom. But any gift you give will go towards restoring dignity and renewing hope. You can donate today.

Please help us reach out to more oppressed and enslaved women and girls this Easter.

Thank you!