In France around 2.5 million people are victims of human trafficking. It is a destination country for women from Eastern Europe and Africa who are forced into working in the sex industry. One of our project workers shares how they are setting these women and young girls on a path to freedom

In the field of human trafficking, whenever we meet new women, we ask ourselves the question: What can we do for this new person Lord?

In John 6:5-6Jesus looked around and saw a large crowd coming to him. So he asked Philip: ‘Where can we buy enough bread to feed all these people?’ He said this to test him, actually he already knew what he would do.”

It’s so great that the Lord Jesus already knows what he will do when we are faced with a situation that is beyond us. It is then a matter of trusting in God.

Encouraging signs

We have two teams visiting the streets each night to meet and talk to the women. Several seem to be thinking things through and show encouraging signs. We know that the decision to leave prostitution is primarily a decision that must be taken before God.

Ten girls are being followed up by our small team with personalized Bible studies. We start by reading a gospel (so that they are familiar with Jesus’ voice) and then we use a framework of studies that give an overall view of the Bible. I was reminded recently that if the cross of Jesus is not in the center of what we do and if it is not central to their lives, they cannot resist, heal, grow and become women of God.

'I am happy now'

One of the girls we have been meeting with has been moved to another city; she is now supported and looked after in a secure place. We were able to get her to connect with the pastor of a local church there.

Here is what she wrote recently:

Hello. How are you today? OFPRA (French Office for Refugees and Stateless Persons) gave me my identity papers for 10 years. I'm happy now. I can work. Now I am French and I speak a little French. Thank you very much for helping me to leave the street. F found a place for me. With your wife, come and visit me please. Thank you very much. I am posting you books to give to girls in the street so that they know that prostitution is not good. There are ways for them to leave. Thank you for helping girls on the street. See you soon

We have had some other wonderful feedback from many of the girls we have worked with. Here are just a few of their comments:

I appreciate everything you've done for me. God bless you and your family. What would I have become without you? I’d probably still be on the street (V)
I appreciate all the help you have given me. You have made my life easier. God bless you. (R)
Do not think that your visits in the street are useless. You give me strength to bear this life but one day I will not be here (Y)
I have no family back home. You are now my parents. A chapter of my life is ending, I am now a new creature thanks to God (A)
God bless your children, your whole family because you care for us as if I was your own child (G)
I appreciate the help that you and the churches have given me. All this has made my life easier. God bless you. (L)

Your support is enabling these women to experience a freedom they’ve never known. We are so thankful for your support of The Freedom Challenge – and these girls’ words express that so beautifully too.
Thank you!