Girls in Madagascar often end up leaving school early as many are forced to marry by the age of 15. But thanks to your support we are running a program that teaches girls vital literacy skills.

And that’s not all – young women from the local community are being trained to pass on the literacy skills they have been taught. Which means that girls who would otherwise have very little education are becoming teachers!

In our program the girls also have the opportunity to learn sewing skills and to do Bible studies – currently around 50 girls and women are benefitting from these two programs.

We are so grateful for your support that enables this to happen.

As one member of the project team said:

“Our dream is to see more vulnerable women empowered to become agents of transformation within their community.” What an amazing dream. Please pray with them that this will be a reality."

Soanaze is 15 – she is one of the girls who has benefitted from this program. It has taken only three months and now Soanaze can read and write. Her passion is singing and now she can write down the songs that she has been making up in her head since she was a young girl. 

“I like singing,” explains Soanaze. “Very often I get the words and the tune and repeat it over and over again until I sing the new songs. Now I am learning to write down the songs. I love singing the word of God that we have learned at the Bible study.
My dream is that I would proclaim God’s goodness not only in our village but beyond. I thank God for this opportunity to learn to read and write; I want to do further study and want to teach others.”

Your support really does transform lives and gives girls and women opportunities that they have only ever dreamed of. Thank you! 

 For just $12.50 a month you can make a huge difference to oppressed women and children. You can start today!