Miranda’s life has been completely transformed thanks to the Freedom Challenge day center and girls’ conferences she attends. Here we share her story…


Miranda is 15 years old and attends a Freedom Challenge Day Center in Moldova. She grew up in a difficult environment; her mom and her mom’s boyfriend are both alcoholics and did not give her the care and attention she needs.

The house was always a mess and there were often parties late into the night. Due to her home life Miranda did not do well in school, her grades were always low, and she did not ask for help.

Bad influences

After school she would go to tend the cows and goats in the field. There, she would often be around older men who had a very bad influence on her. Many people in the village would say she was nothing but trouble.

Then one day, Joy, a lady from the local church, invited her to begin working at the church helping tend to the greenhouses and other daily jobs. After several days of work at the greenhouse, Joy visited Miranda at home. She was shocked at what she saw. Miranda’s mom was drinking and having a party with five men and did not show any interest at all in her daughter.

Joy realized how much danger Miranda was in and offered help. Joy felt that God was telling her to take Miranda and care for her. Miranda now lives at the church and she is safe there. She is also able to take part in the conferences and camps for socially vulnerable girls and at-risk boys, supported by Freedom Challenge.

Discovering gifts


These camps have had a huge impact on her life and given her confidence and an understanding of how precious she is to God. The Lord is doing great things in her life. Her school work has improved and she is getting good grades. She has also discovered a wonderful gift for drawing. At the church, she helps where needed and reads poems on Sunday as an encouragement to others.

She has even started to dream about the future. She wants to be a photographer and believes that God can use her and her photography. So, through the Lord working in her life and through attending the day center and girls’ camps, her life has been transformed and she is looking to the future with great hope and optimism.  

Names changed to protect identities

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