Katrina* attends one of the Freedom Challenge-supported day centers in Moldova where she receives help with school work, healthy food and the opportunity to hang out with her friends in a safe place.


Last year, Katrina (14) and some other girls attended the Vulnerable Girls’ conference – a few days of teaching, games, craft and fun. Some of our Freedom Challenge supporters from the US helped out (and we’re going again in 2019, if you want to join us!)

During the small group discussions, Sabrina shared her hopes and dreams openly. In one of the sessions the leader talked about body image and identity. Katrina told her group leader that, “I would like to be like you, to look like you and to have children and a husband like yours.” The leader, Ina, replied: “You don’t need to look like me to have this, what’s important is who you are. Everything I have is due to the fact that I have chosen to follow God.”

Throughout the conference the girls were encouraged to choose God. Often the girls would hug Ina and ask her if she loved them. At the end of the three days, Katrina asked Ina: “Will you be my sister?” Tearfully, Katrina explained that she didn’t have any brothers or sisters and that her mom was working abroad and that she lives with her stepfather who drinks and shouts a lot. He almost stopped her from coming to the conference but with the help of a relative Katrina was able to get away from home.

Her home life is incredibly tough. And the conference is a vital way to help Katrina discover her value and to learn how much God loves her.

And this is just one girl’s story. There are many more vulnerable girls like Katrina in Moldova, one of the poorest countries in Europe. With your support, we are able to reach out to them and to see the direction of their lives begin to change as they choose to follow God and trust in him.

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*Name changed to protect identity