In remote villages in Bangladesh children as young as four or five are forced to work in the fields or to make products like soap, sandals or clothes to sell at local markets to support their families.

They have little hope of ever going to school.

But Freedom Challenge is working to change this. With your help we are currently supporting 30 grade schools in these villages, helping 900 children to receive an education that they would otherwise never have.

One teacher said: “The families are very happy and very involved. They are taking what they learn at school and teaching their parents and older brothers and sisters who have never had a chance to go to school.”

But there are so many children that are still being forced to work instead of going to school. With your help we can prevent these children from being trapped in a cycle of poverty and help them develop into the people God intended them to be.

Between now and Nov, 27 (Giving Tuesday) you can double your donation when you give to Freedom Challenge

We are thrilled to partner with Christian Community Credit Union to raise money to provide education and development opportunities for women and children in Bangladesh. Through a special matching offer, the Credit Union will double what we raise up to $10,000! The funds come from the Credit Union’s “Cards that Give to Missions” program.

What is the best gift that you could give this Giving Tuesday? $150 sets one woman or child on the path to freedom, but any gift you give will make a difference.

Education isn’t just breaking the cycle of poverty one student at a time; it’s changing the face of villages.