Sadly, too many of the products we buy and consume on a daily basis have their roots in human trafficking. Whether its fish caught in Thailand, or clothes made in Bangladesh, we can’t always be confident that big retailers are making sure their suppliers are not using slaves.

So, we’ve compiled a short list of some independent retailers that are committed to ensuring the products we love to buy are made ethically and by people who are paid a fair wage for the work they do.

Our choice of footwear, handbags and even chocolate can make the world a better place and bring an end to the oppression suffered by millions of people around the world.  

1.       Buy survivor-made goods

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This is such a great way to support women or children fleeing trafficking, abuse and slavery. Freedom Challenge’s own shop includes unique gifts made by women who are being given a new start in life through our projects. Please do check our shop out and tell your friends about it:

But also check out these great websites for inspired gifts that give women the chance to change their lives and provide for their families.

2.       Clothing

These clothes are absolutely gorgeous but their real appeal lies in the fact that you can rest assured that you are purchasing products that are completely slave free. The artisans who make these clothes have been paid a fair wage and work in safe conditions. This company works with some of the poorest communities in South America to produce stylish, perfectly-crafted, environmentally-friendly clothes.

3.       Chocolate

Check out this list of ethical chocolate companies. Is your favorite chocolate snack featured? You may be surprised at the companies that make the list, and those that don’t! But the good news is, there are lots of businesses out there dedicated to making chocolate eating a truly guilt-free pastime!  

4. Shoes

For every shoe purchased from their range, Toms gives away one pair of shoes to a child in need. They’ve also now expanded their range of products to include things like eyewear and bags and coffee which means they now also provide eye care, safe births and other essentials to vulnerable people around the world. We love this business model and the philosophy behind it, especially when the shoes look so cool and fit so well.  

5.       Electronics

shop phone.png

This phone is only available right now in Europe, but we love the idea of this fair-trade, ethically produced cell phone.

The End Slavery Now website gives lots of information about shopping smarter and how to find businesses that are transparent, examine their supply chains and buy fair trade or locally-sourced products. You can also check how many slaves could be helping to make the regular products you buy.

Happy Shopping!