If you're thinking about signing up to our Estes Park hike, there is still time, but registration closes on May 1! So if you're in need of a little encouragement, read these inspiring quotes from previous hikers. Watever's stopping you from taking part, these ladies have experienced similar barriers. But here's what happened when they made the decision to just go for it!

Not your stereotypical hiker

‘I did not meet the stereotypical model of the avid hiker. Being the largest woman in attendance made my insecurities resurface. What was I doing with a group of women that were there to stretch themselves physically?

I had trained to do this but ... I was not in my comfort zone. We climbed and climbed and climbed. We saw people far up the mountain and I was told that was where we were headed. This was my biggest physical challenge. Would I really be able to do this?

After what seemed to be hours, which really wasn’t, we made it to the top. I was relieved and in shock. Are we really here? It was glorious being so high up and overlooking the lake from a totally different view.’

Ginger Taddeo took part in the Wyoming Freedom Climb in August 2016, read her story here.

Enjoying creation

'The view of this high Alpine lake was beautiful. It was there I recalled what my Ugandan pastor friend would say when he sees something of great delight, “God made this just for me to enjoy it. He knew that I would come someday.” That is exactly how I felt. God brought me here to show me His creation, His majesty, and His omnipotence.'

Janice Munemitsu, Wyoming climb 2016, read Janice's story here:

A dream come true

‘I felt overwhelmed, exhausted, triumphant, and most of all relieved.  It felt like a dream come true.'

Sarah Bradfield, Mount Kilmanjaro 2016 and Wyoming 2016. Read Sarah's story here.

A team effort

‘I can’t fully express how the hiking affected me, I am still processing the lessons I have learned. It was amazing to sense the team effort. Even though each of us had to put one foot in front of the other to get up (and down) the various peaks, there was a real sense that we were in this together.'

Shirley Turner, various climbs, including Wyoming 2016

Just do something!

'My motivation is based on the song by Matthew West – “Do Something”. I know God created me to “Do Something” about the social injustice of modern-day slavery. I am committed to be a voice for those women and children that don’t have a voice. Climbing mountains to raise funds and then sharing my story about the climbs as an inspirational speaker is my way to “Do Something” '.

Ginger Martin, President and CEO of American National Bank and part of the Wyoming 2016 team, read Ginger's story here.

And if you still need persuading, watch this video: