Este, one of our project workers in Panama, shares a lovely story of how one woman's life is slowly being transformed thanks to a sewing and Bible study ministry

During a recent devotional time at Joya de Esperanza, Karina gave us wonderful news – she wants to get married.

Karina has been living unmarried with her partner for more than 15 years and they have three children together. She told us that she wants to make her life right with God.

Wedding excitement

She asked us to pray for her and to help her with advice about the legal documents they will need to get married. She wants to have a small wedding celebration and she is very excited about it!

Ok, so this is not a ‘BANG’ story.. maybe because you don't know Karina, it’s ‘just another story’.  But, for me, having known Karina for a few years, I’ve see this beautiful and very talented young lady and mother, start to open up little by little.

She has started to share some of her joy and burdens, little by little with baby steps her life is being transformed.

Not feeling worthy

Once Karina was uncertain of herself.  Lonely.  She didn’t have any friends.  She spent lots of time just sitting in her house and she would think negative thoughts about ‘not being worthy of anything’.

Today, I see a lovely mature woman, full of joy, with friends that love her, and look up to her. This woman that was ‘not worthy’, has become a bussiness women; she started a little chicken shop from her house. She has discovered a talent for sewing and speaks freely of how the Lord is busy working on her.

Little by little

I give all the honor to the Lord for this ministry that changes women's lives with small baby steps at a time… little by little… one by one!  

I want to thank you for sharing your love, your thoughts, your prayers and your support. Without you, and you, and especially you, we cannot continue with this ministry, Joya de Esperanza – Jewels of Hope – in a small town in Panama.   

May the Lord bless you with his wisdom, with his grace, and with his love in whatever area of your life you may need it.