We would love you to join us for a day of action on February 25 as we take steps to bring freedom to the 45 million people around the world trapped in modern-day slavery. Here are five great reasons to take part in our sponsored walk

1. Everyone can take part

This is for everyone –  you don’t need special clothes or shoes, you don’t need to be super fit and healthy. You can walk at your own pace – there’s no pressure and no competition. You can take a leisurely stroll or a power walk. It’s totally up to you.

We know that some people would love to take part in our hikes but are unable to join us for various reasons so this is a great way to get involved with The Freedom Challenge and take a stand against modern-day slavery without even leaving your neighborhood.

And you can walk with whoever you want – friends, family, your kids,  moms or dads with strollers, even your dog.

2. You can do it anywhere

You can use mapmywalk or any other app to plan your 5k walk. You choose where you walk – a local park, a lake, a high school running track, even the local shopping mall!

We want to make this as easy as possible for as many people as possible to take part. This is about fitting in with your life and what works for you. All we ask is that you set aside some time on February 25 to complete your walk.

If you’re in south Atlanta, you are welcome to join our 5k walk and family fun day in Shamrock Park, Tyrone, GA.

3. Join with the nation to shine a slight on slavery

Why February 25? On this date in 2017, the End It Movement is encouraging anti-human trafficking organizations and those who are working to tackle modern-day slavery to join their efforts to shine a light on slavery. Together we can make a loud noise and be a voice for the voiceless. 

The End it Movement is a coalition of anti-human trafficking organizations that work together to bring an end to modern-day slavery around the world. Find out more here: www.enditmovement.com

4. It’s fun and rewarding

We want you to discover not only how easy it is to make a difference, but also how fun it can be. Getting outside, enjoying your community, connecting with old friends or making new ones, all while doing something incredibly worthwhile is a great way to spend an hour or two of your time. You’ll feel physically energized and you’ll have great satisfaction in knowing that you have played a part in ending modern-day slavery around the world.

5. It changes lives

If you want to know the kind of difference you can make by walking 5K for Freedom, read Binita’s story. Your support has given Binita a bright future. We want to do that for so many more women.

Register online as a virtual participant, then ask people to sponsor you so you can reach your goal of $150, helping to set at least one woman or child on the pathway to freedom.

***Sign up before October 1 and receive a FREE Freedom Steps t-shirt and visor***