This week, we continue our series focusing on the four pillars that The Freedom Challenge's work is based on: Rescue, Restore, Prevent and Develop.

Nisha, from India, has had her dignity restored thanks to your support.

Nisha and her mom Diya were living a life of desperation. Ever since Nisha could remember, she and her mom, a single parent, would move around, looking for work. With no husband and no father for Nisha, Diya faced stigma and discrimination.

Vulnerable to hardship

Ashamed of her situation, Diya’s family rejected her; she was left without support and vulnerable to extreme hardship.   

Nisha, a young teen, would work odd jobs with her mom, anything that would give them a few rupees to buy rice for their evening meal or pay their weekly rent for a squalid hut in the middle of a dirty and overpopulated slum.


But Nisha has experienced an amazing transformation in her life thanks to a project supported by The Freedom Challenge.

A Freedom Challenge-supported Economic Development project provides vocational training to vulnerable women living in slums.

Nisha was fortunate to meet one of the tutors from the training centre, and he invited Nisha to become a trainee on the tailoring course. Nisha jumped at the chance. She had never before experienced anyone taking a serious interest in her life, or caring about her future.


Now, she has been nurtured and mentored and she has developed wonderful tailoring skills which she is able to use to provide a decent and reliable income for her and her mom.

Had Nisha not received this timely input in her life, her story would likely be very different, with little hope of change. But now her dignity, and her joy, is being restored.

At the Freedom Challenge we love to see lives restored. We would love for you to join us in restoring more women and children to experiencing life in all its fullness.

Just $150 sets one woman or child on a path to freedom.