Sadly, many girls who have been abused end up working as prostitutes and can feel that there is no way out. This was true for Ernesa, but God had a remarkable way of showing her how much he cared for her

Ernesa’s* life was a living hell. Abandoned to a Communist orphanage in Eastern Europe at the age of two, she was only 13 when she was sexually abused by boys in the orphanage.

As an adult, she ended up working as a prostitute with five children to support - living in social housing, and knowing a paedophile lived in the same building.

Desparate times

When a volunteer from the ‘House of Joy’, a shelter for abused and vulnerable women, supported by the Freedom Challenge, found her, Ernesa was close to taking her own life.

Through attending House of Joy, Ernesa’s life has changed. She is healthier and has worked through much of the pain of the past with her counsellor. She has also started to receive job training to prepare her for a better future.

Sadly, her eldest daughter still has so much pain. One day she attacked her mother and was taken into custody.

An unexpected gift

However, through the subsequent court proceedings and media attention, a famous local popstar became aware of Ernesa’s situation and started a campaign to buy an apartment for her. Within three days the money had been raised through celebrities and local businesses, and Ernesa moved with her children into a stunning, brand- new, furnished apartment. Her children could not stop smiling for weeks.

Learning to trust

Staff at House of Joy have been thrilled to see God move in a completely unexpected way to provide for Ernesa’s most basic needs. She is still on a journey towards financial independence but is learning to trust that God really does care for her.

Ernesa and her children still need our prayers that God will heal them from all the pain of the past.

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