From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving! We are so thankful for you and the part you play in helping to end slavery and oppression!  

This is the time of the year where we stop to reflect on the people in our lives, the year almost behind us and the new year ahead. At the table we often ask our family to share what they are most thankful for. What about you? What are you most thankful for this year?

Grateful for lives transformed

For me, I am most thankful for my relationship with Christ and His unconditional love. I am beyond thankful for my family, friends, the team of incredible people the Lord has surrounded me with in OM and the Freedom Challenge movement. I am utterly thankful to be able to see lives transformed on a daily basis!

When I put my  life in perspective, on my worst day, my life is very privileged compared to those we serve in brothels, rescue homes and refugee camps. I am so grateful to visit those we serve and see the smiles, the joy restored and hear the stories of transformation. It helps me to continue to keep my focus on my blessings .

Part of the story

If you are struggling to find joy, gratitude or peace in the midst of this busy season, I encourage you to read some of the stories in the previous blogs. It will encourage you greatly. You see, you are a part of making those stories of redemption a reality. None of the work we do would be possible without your support.

Consider joining our team next year on one our mission trips to see first hand the impact you are helping to make and why we are so thankful for YOU!

Tina Yeager
Director, The Freedom Challenge