The Freedom Challenge is a movement of passionate women dedicated to freeing oppressed and enslaved women and children all around the world. We do this by participating in physical challenges—together, in community, while raising funds and awareness to combat these dark, social injustices and set women and children on the pathway to freedom.



How Do We Help?


We take a four-pronged approach to freeing women and children around the world.

Prevent. Develop. Rescue. Restore.



We believe the cycles of poverty, exploitation, and oppression can be broken before any life-long damage is done. Education, skills training, and basic support systems empower women to end these cycles. Once these women learn how much God loves them, they just can’t be kept down!



We provide long-term solutions to help women overcome poverty through things like vocational training and micro-saving programs. These opportunities not only empower women, but also make current and future generations less vulnerable to exploitation.



At the point of intervention, women and children are usually without hope. We coordinate rescue efforts for the enslaved, and bring these women and children to a safe place for long-term care and healing.



We realize that these victims are often broken. So, we provide extensive care to help them rebuild their lives, including physical and spiritual healing, trauma counseling, and life skills training. Our programs aim to put these individuals on a new path, a path full of hope and dignity.