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Our Vision - Our Story

Cathy Anderson, founder of The Freedom Challenge, tells the story of the vision the Lord gave her to help free oppressed women around the world - and the surprising twist this entailed for her and many other women.

The Freedom Challenge

A group of passionate women, dedicated to seeing more women and children set free from oppression from modern slavery.

This is The Freedom Challenge. 


Bryce Zion Challenge 2018


Joginis in India

Our work in India with Joginis - women who have been dedicated to a life of prostitution within a temple.


Standing in Her Stilettos 

Jasmine* thought she'd found love, but instead, found herself in a nightmare. Trafficked and beaten, her attempts to escape always thwarted, she thought there was no way out, until people from our team came along to help.


Estes Park in Colorado

Our Estes Park climb was a success in raising funds to support projects that rescue women and children from slavery.


Climbing for Freedom

During training for Wyoming 2016, we asked a group of South Florida women why they set themselves the challenge of climbing for freedom. This is what they said...



5 Ways YOU can Raise Awareness and Funds in Your Local Community

Would you like to help your friends, family and local community know more about the work of The Freedom Challenge? Are you raising funds for a challenge and need some ideas? In this one minute video, we give you five key ways you can help engage your community.

Macchu Picchu Challenge 2017