The Alps | Freedom Climb | 2015

The issue of modern day slavery has become a well-known topic as awareness of the issue has grown.  The Freedom Climb is an opportunity for women around the world to symbolically climb for women and children around the world; those who are oppressed, enslaved, exploitation or trafficked.  It allows women of all ages, places and walks of life to stand up and get involved in this battle against the degradation and dehumanization of women and children globally.  Soccer moms, grandmoms, and students are all invited to join in a united voice to declare that these atrocities need to end.

Since the first climb in January, 2012, the Freedom Climb has raised $1.5 million.  Our goal is to affect and bring change to the lives of 25,000 women and children annually.  They are in the least reached, most marginalized countries of the world, making them some of the most vulnerable people on the planet.  Currently, we are funding over 50 projects that specifically focus on the needs of these women and children in their unique culture.  The projects we fund are classified into three categories:  Rescue and Rehabilitation, Development, and Prevention.  Our strongest area is in Prevention, believing that it is most effective to provide a road to freedom before these women and kids are caught up in a world of exploitation and trafficking.

In addition to the actual trek, we are offering two optional ministry opportunities:


1.  Transform 2015

Prior to the trek, you are invited to participate in “Transform 2015” in Italy.  Transform 2015 ( is a unified effort around the Mediterranean to create momentum for the gospel by mobilizing people and training them in telling their personal God story.  The Transform Conference is a unique opportunity to meet and hear international speakers and intercultural mission practitioners from the field in the Mediterranean.

You will be refreshed and equipped to reach those in the Mediterranean, including refugees, Muslims & trafficked peoples. The conference includes an outreach in Rome where conference participants will put into practice the training received ministering to women on the streets.


2.  Moldova Outreach

At the completion of the trek, you are invited to travel to Moldova where you will join the OM team there.  Moldova remains the poorest country in Europe.  The vast majority of the working class left the country, leaving the elderly to care for the young which has created a huge platform for exploitation of these young children.  However, it has also opened up significant ministry opportunities.  You will have the privilege of meeting the people who are benefitting from the ministries run by OM in this country that is desperate for hope.


3. Justice Prayer Outreach - Czech Republic

The Freedom Climb Justice Prayer Outreach will take place in Prague, Czech Republic, during the same week the Freedom Climb women will be trekking through the Alps. The prayer team will be interceding on behalf of those who are oppressed, enslaved, exploited or trafficked, with a special focus on those within Europe.

Both men and women are invited to be part of the prayer team. The prayer outreach will be from 18 to 25 July.




This event is closed.