Mercy worked selling clothes in Nigeria. But, she needed more money in order to send her son to school. Mercy’s boss suggested she accept a sales job in Ghana as she would make more money. He assured her, “You’ll make a better living for yourself there!”

On Mercy’s first night in Ghana, she found herself awakened at 4am by her new boss, a “madam.” The boss told Mercy that she must sell her body in order to pay off a staggering debt...or suffer unspeakable consequences.

Her first “customer” drove her to a remote area where he raped her, and then allowed five of his friends to do the same. Her madam responded by saying, “That is not my problem, that you got raped.” Then, she threatened Mercy with a beating if she did not get back to work.

Mercy endured such miseries for a month before a police raid, initiated by OM, captured those who had enslaved her. This led to the freedom of 46 sex slaves, including Mercy, who had been trafficked from Nigeria.