The date was set, invitation cards delivered, and counselling prayer sessions were underway. Thoughts of lace, beading and meters of white swirled in the mind of the bride to be but she couldn’t begin to imagine how she would be able to pay for a dress to fit the occasion. We serve a God that delights in helping such dreams come true. The week before her special day, one bride who hadn’t thought wearing a wedding gown was possible at all, spent a joyous afternoon with friends, slipping in and out of dresses, choosing not just one for the ceremony, but another for the party after!

Thanks to gracious donors, Joan, a Zambian missionary has an inventory of gently used wedding gowns in a variety of sizes.  Her small business renting out the dresses provides financial support to herself, her husband and her family, while at the same time allowing women an affordable way to enjoy their wedding day clothed in beauty.  Joan also bakes and decorates cakes at a price that fits tight budgets.  This gives her more time to spend with the brides to be, sharing the love of Christ as they plan.

No more time for worries. No more hours of planning and preparation. The day had come at last. Riotous colours of the village wedding surrounded the quickly filling church building, but the stark white of the bride’s dress and the glow on her face out sparkled them all.

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