From the time I got lessons on gender issues, recounts Halima, a member of a community group in Afghanistan, I am completely changed. I am not beating my children at all now. I only love them a lot and always advise them and behave in a very good way. I always tell my relatives and neighbors about the lessons. They also like it! One of our relative's daughter was studying in the sixth class, but her family took her out of school. They said it is enough for her and there is no need for a girl to continue her education.

The girl was not happy because she wanted to continue her education. When I talked with them about the gender lessons I told them that girls should study just like boys, and make decisions about their own life. If a person is not educated they are like blind people. I said, 'You should think of her future.'Our relative listened to me and started thinking about this. After a while I met her again and she told me that her daughter is now in school. She was very interested in what I told her, and they were very happy. I always talk about these lessons in weddings and other parties. I tell them that now we should not make any difference between girls and boys. For example, we need to encourage them to put their daughters in school.

I also have three daughters, the oldest one is in 8th class, the middle is in 3rd class and the small one is in kindergarden.I hope one day all the girls in Afghanistan will go to school.