March 8th gave us the chance to celebrate International Women’s Day and I love it. People should be celebrated. God celebrates us People should be celebrated. God celebrates us. Male. Female. Slave. Free. He wants us to be one. To love. To treat others like we are His and like they are His. Every life matters to Him! 

Now to all you warrior women out there joining us in taking a stand against slavery and human trafficking I want to throw out a prayer challenge. 


Are we praying for the men?


Men are keeping this going and men will help end it. Just like the radical conversion of Saul in the Bible, I am praying for the Saul's to become Paul's. I believe in God's economy such radical conversions and changes of heart are the norm not the extreme. How we need the men to rise up and see. SEE. See the women being used. See the children enslaved. May God raise up men and women with His eyes and His heart.


That is my prayer challenge to you.


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