• The Canyons Collection Hotels (map)
  • 190 N 300 W
  • Kanab, Utah
  • United States

This is a strenuous hike that requires intensive training. You must be at an intermediate and well trained level to advance.


Depending on the team that participants are assigned to, hikes include the renowned Thunder River and Deer Creek Areas, as well as the Kaibab Creek and Kaibab Wilderness of the Grand Canyon. This journey spans the Colorado River and some of the finest Redwall narrows in the canyon country. Expect between 4,000 ft to 5,000 ft elevation gain and decline throughout the four days of hiking. Plenty of these areas will be rugged. Over half of the trip will include off-trail hiking in mixed and often difficult terrain. The reward will be solitude and beauty! Because we are hiking in remote areas, we will not be able to bring pack mules. The Freedom Challenge would like to emphasize that if pack weight and intensity is too much of a concern that our recommendation is you not participate in backpacking the Grand Canyon North Rim. As mentioned before, the elevation loss and gain with mileage in a desert environment will be challenging and require much endurance. We would treat this like Peru or Kilimanjaro intensity wise minus pack mules and gear Sherpas.

   *If you are from Canada please contact Andrea Koebel at Andrea.Koebel@om.org to register. For anyone else outside the US, email info@thefreedomchallenge.com for instructions on how to register.

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