Dear Freedom Fighters, 


Yesterday morning I was sitting thinking about life/living and the inevitable brokenness that comes throughout a lifetime. And I was pondering God in it all.
Then my thoughts turned to a friend’s comment about does God really demand worship and if so I’m not sure I want to serve a God like that, some self focused deity.

And I realized that we can be so quick to blame God for the brokenness in our lives and world, that we are blinded to the truth. The truth that He is the prodigal Father waiting, running, forgiving; before the words are even spoken….the brokenness is our turning away from goodness itself. God. The brokenness is the inevitable result of a life without Him. But as soon as we move towards Him the redemption and beauty is also an inevitability. It might take time but it is guaranteed.

Just like worship is the inevitable, inescapable response of knowing God. I’m not sure that it is what He demands so much as it is what knowing Him requires. When we submit to the almighty, creator God and realize that He is truly a good, kind, loving Father beyond out wildest expectations. What else can we do but worship. He is everything. 

I pray that you as you commit and submit to praying for others, to praying against Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery that you would first worship. That you would let Him direct your heart and thoughts and be careful not to let the circumstances or the enemy direct your gaze. I pray that you would more deeply know Abba and love itself - Thank you Jesus that you’ve made it possible! And i pray that because of this you would stand in the confidence that your voice matters. We are changing things because we are His!


In the battle,

Ruth, on behalf of the Prayer Team