Partner with Freedom Challenge to create your own challenge! This can be running a 5k, hiking a mountain, or completing a triathlon – anything you believe would challenge you and inspire others to contribute funds towards helping set a woman or child free. Freedom Challenge will assist in creating and launching a campaign and providing the necessary materials customized to your needs.

Ginger Takes Mt. Whitney 

Long standing Freedom Challenge alumni and Ambassador Ginger Martin takes on Mt. Whitney and it's daunting elevation of 14,505 feet! Read a brief synopsis of her story, watch one of her TedX Talks and donate by clicking the link below. 


The Comeback Run        

13.1 Miles to Freedom.....

Deena Nunes shares her story of strength and perseverance and how God has provided her with the opportunity to run again. Follow her journey to her 5th half marathon in December and why she is running this race to help support the Freedom Challenge.

Comeback Run 1.jpg