Ordinary women making an
extraordinary impact

Freedom Circles are about ordinary women standing together against the injustice of modern-day slavery and making an extraordinary impact around the world.


If you’ve ever joined a book club or a Bunco group, you know a little of what we’re talking about.

In a Freedom Circle 12 ladies meet once a month, for dinner or coffee, taking turns to host – be flexible and have fun!

You each donate an agreed monthly amount. Each month you will hear about Freedom Challenge’s global projects and local organizations that are tackling the issue of modern-day slavery.


All women! The core group will be 6-12 ladies but you are welcome to invite others to one of your monthly events to hear about the projects. Members will take turns to host an event. And you will need at least one leader to organise the finances and calendar for the group.


Each group will decide on a monthly minimum donation required from each member - for some groups that could be $30, for others it will be more - it's up to you! Members who miss a meeting will still need to make the minimum donation. Over and above that, you are free to raise whatever you can and whatever you feel called to.

How it works

Once you have your group of ladies and appointed one or two people to lead the group, this is how it works:

  1. You will support a minimum of six international Freedom Challenge projects a year - decide which months you will focus on these projects.
  2. You can also support a maximum of six local organizations that are tackling issues of modern-day slavery or the oppression of women and children, such as organizations involved in foster care or working with refugees, women's shelters, or a local trafficking hotline or resource centre. Invite guest speakers from your chosen local ministries to come speak to your group.
  3. We will provide resources (such as videos and fact sheets) for all Freedom Challenge projects.
  4. After each monthly meeting you can decide as a group how you want to respond to what you've seen or heard. We have some ideas below to get you started.


As a group, you will have the opportunity to go on overseas' mission trips; you'll see first hand how your support is transforming lives.

You could:

  • Visit a Freedom Challenge project in Africa, Asia or South America
  • Take part in one of our climbing/hiking events
  • Visit anti-human trafficking projects or women's ministries in your local area


We will encourage you to gather together with other local Freedom Circles to organise a fundraising event once or twice a year. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • A silent auction
  • A sponsored bike ride
  • A family fun day
  • Clothing or food drives for a local women's shelter or other local projects

It's all about: making a difference. Finding your purpose. Bringing hope to the hopeless and being an advocate for oppressed women and children

Find out more

You'll find answers to Frequently Asked Questions here.

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