Prevent: Laura's Story


Your gift of $400 can help girls, like Laura, from having to ever endure the atrocities of human trafficking. 


11-year-old Laura lives in Makululu, the biggest shanty town in Sub-Saharan Africa with a population of 90,000 plus people.

Life is hard here. Laura’s mother worked hard to feed her and her brothers and sisters. But her mom had HIV/AIDS and sadly passed away in June 2015. Laura loved her mother very much, but when she died she became bitter and angry. She believed that a neighbor had killed her mother, and she became full of rage.


Too many mouths to feed

She had to stay at her grandparents’ house with five of her cousins as they too had been abandoned or orphaned. Gran and Grandpa were old and frail and had six grandchildren to feed.

One day, Grandpa visited Mercy House, a day care center in Zambia supported by The Freedom Challenge, and asked the coordinator if she could take two of their kids, Laura being one of them. Sadly, there was no room left for any more children. Can you imagine Grandpa and Laura's disappointment as they were turned away?


Pleading and praying

But Grandpa was a praying, persistent man. He showed up at Mercy House two months later. He asked again for Laura and her cousin to be enrolled in the school. He told the coordinator how hard it is for him and his wife – who are too old to work – to look after all six grandchildren.

The coordinator smiled and said, “This is your lucky day! We have just had two students leave in the 10+ Class and there is space for Laura.” Grandpa was very happy; the next day he sent Laura and her cousin to Mercy House.


An unhappy child

As the weeks went on, the teacher noticed that Laura didn't engage with her peers, she never smiled and no matter how much they tried to get her to open up, she would not respond.

Laura’s Grandpa agreed that she could attend counseling sessions. Nancy, a young woman from a local university, was working in Mercy House to help the teachers identify traumatized children and give them the support they needed.

After four weeks of meeting with Nancy, Laura told her that she missed her mom and needed hugs. She then went on to say how much she hated her mom’s ‘killer’. 


Finally opening up

Nancy explained to Laura that her mom had not been murdered but had died from HIV/Aids. As Laura continued to open up, Nancy learned that her mom had been involved in the occult and had been using Laura in some demonic practices.

After two months of meetings, Nancy had a breakthrough with Laura; it was almost an overnight transformation. She had been telling Laura about Jesus, and she decided to accept him into her life.


Enjoying life again

From that day on Laura began to talk to almost everyone. She is enjoying life so much more – she has been swimming in the park and went on safari to see giraffes and zebras. She loves to laugh and have fun. 

This is why The Freedom Challenge supports Mercy House; Jesus is using it to restore joy and happiness back to children's lives. It gives them a chance to be kids again in a hard environment where loss is normal and hard work is expected of them.

Thanks to all who have supported The Freedom Challenge and the international projects it serves. Laura loves you.

Your gift of $400 can help other girls, like Laura, receive a quality education for a full year and hope for the future.

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