Develop: Dina's Story

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YOUR GIFT OF $150 CAN HELP women, LIKE Dina, find worth and value while learning a vocational skill. 


“Sitting here at my sewing machine, pumping the pedals and trying to sew a straight line, I often laugh to myself; not just at my skewed stitching but at how much my life has turned around." 


Child bride

“When I was 10 my family had to marry me off. I’m not angry with my parents for their decision, as they were having trouble feeding their four children.

“When I was 14 I became pregnant but there were complications at the delivery. Due to lack of proper medical care, I lost my child and became a fistula patient. From that time on I was very ill and could not control my bowel movements.


A helpless situation

“It was very shameful for me – my husband and in-laws did little to help. After a year my husband divorced me and I returned home. For 16 years I was in a helpless situation, unable to work and I felt like a burden to everyone.

“My parents could not afford medical help. However, we heard about a Christian hospital that treats fistula patients free of cost. After two operations I started to feel much better and my strength returned.


New sense of worth

“But I was still a financial burden on my family. I was delighted to join a tailoring program supported by The Freedom Challenge especially designed for fistula patients. Now I dream of setting up my sewing machine in my parents’ home where I can stitch clothes for those in the area. Life has returned in a way that I never thought possible.


“Now, I have dignity and a new sense of worth. Thank you, Freedom Challenge, for giving me the skills to start earning an income.”


Your gift of $150 can help teach other women, like Dina, job skills that transform lives.

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