Ready to create your OWN challenge? 

We have all the resources you need to get started.

Let's Get Going!


1. Pick your event type.  


We have 5 ready-to-use event toolboxes for you. These downloads walk you through each step of creating and implementing your event. 


Have another idea? We would love to hear it!

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2. Plan. Plan. Plan.


It is time to start checking off the boxes on your toolbox. You can do-it-yourself or build an event committee to help you schedule and secure the venue, equipment, supplies, volunteers, etc. 


3. Tell our team the details.


Contact We will walk through all the details: date, time, location, expected attendance, etc. We will set up your event on our fundraising software so that you can receive online donations specifically for your event.  


4. prepare for promotion.


We would love to support you as much as we can as you promote your event! We have downloadable assets here and can send you brochures to raise awareness for The Freedom Challenge. These can be used on social media or can be printed and distributed prior to or on the day of your event.

We highly encourage you to take high-quality photos during your event and post them on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media channels you may use. Send the content to our team and we'll post them on our main sites too!


Remember to always use #TheirFreedom on your photos. 


5. Do the challenge!


Congratulations! Today is the day! Time to see all of that planning turn into a challenge that sets women and children on the pathway to FREEDOM! 





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