Colorado, USA | Freedom Climb + Conference | September 2012


  • Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA


  • 150 Women.


  • Keynote speakers Stasi Eldredge and Carolyn Custis James inspired women to be dangerous for Christ and to respond to God’s call of defending the oppressed. Other sessions included training and ideas for the participants on how to be an advocate for the oppressed in their home communities.

  • The pinnacle of the September conference was a hike in Colorado Springs. Participants chose between one of three trails, each symbolic of the climb to freedom that enslaved woman and children face. Many said that the difficulties and challenges during their climb made them empathetic to the struggles the victims endure and gave them a new passion to help them find freedom.



“I am challenged now to decide what I am to do with the opportunities that were presented to me,”

- Gwen Baird, a conference attendee from Houston, Texas.

“We truly saw God’s hand at work, all who attended the conference were encouraged, challenged and empowered to be voices for the voiceless.”

- Tina Yeager, the former US director of the Freedom Climb.




This event is closed.