The Freedom Climb has always been a symbolic gesture of the climb to freedom. Women climbing big mountains to raise awareness, prayers, and funding for women around the world who are oppressed, exploited, enslaved and trafficked. Mountains come in all shapes and sizes, and I’ve recently been faced with quite a surprising and large mountain to summit. On September 2, 2014, I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I’ve never climbed a mountain alone, and I’ve never climbed a mountain unless it was benefitting more than just me! So I invite you to consider symbolically climbing this mountain with me. There are several ways you can do this, so please consider visiting my page and joining me in this journey! I cannot begin to tell you how encouraging it would be to me and all of the women around the world who we’re climbing for through The Freedom Climb!

Many blessings!


Cathey Anderson 
International Climb Director



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